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The sky is a big place. There’s always something happening up there, and it’s a part of our daily lives. While there are sites about weather and sites about astronomy, this blog will encompass all of that and then explore beyond those dominant themes into the cultural aspects, past and present. Just like the ever changing sky, be prepared for the unexpected!


About me

Hello, I’m Jacquie Milner.

As a passionate amateur astronomer and avid weather watcher, I’m often asked what got me interested in the sky. The best answer I can give is “I was born to it!” for I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t fascinated with all that goes on up above. Things really took off once I got to university, joining an astronomy club and discovering that people did crazy things like chase massive thunderstorms and tornadoes! For fun! I’ve never looked back since.

With a qualifications in Environmental Science and GIS (Geographical Information Systems) I’ve also been an active amateur astronomer for 26 years, with my main focus at the moment in observing occultations. I worked in the planetarium in Scitech in Perth, Western Australia for 6 years and I’ve been writing their monthly The Sky Tonight pages for the past nine years (No. 100 went up in April 2015!). I’ve also spent 17 years doing outreach as a volunteer night tour guide with the Perth Observatory, which I’m continuing to do with the Mt Burnett Observatory since I moved to Melbourne, Victoria, in the latter half of 2014. During 2015 I’ve also done some live storytelling, and you can watch me on stage at The Laborastory here.

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